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Kingsley offer a full inspection, test, repair or replacement service for hydraulic pumps, motors and valves.

With more than 25 years experience and a team of highly knowledgeable staff, Kingsley has the expertise to quickly establish when it is best to repair or replace a unit and offers the best and most economic alternatives. We can specify standard units through to bespoke systems for all applications. Our experience enables us to identify the causes of failure and advise to rectify these elements, thus ensuring longevity of your repaired / replacement unit. Many parts for obsolete pumps & valves are expensive matched parts or rotating groups and we can also specify alternatives where this is practical.

Pump & Valve Repair

We have developed our pump and valve repair facility over many years. Our specialist in-house test facility ensures that all rebuilt units are checked for performance and recorded before dispatch.

Kingsley can completely rebuild mono-block or slice valves, chrome / lap spools and re-seal. Rebuild and refurbish straight fixed, variable path and bent axis pumps and motors, grind and lap port plates. We regularly handle vane pumps - single and twin units, gear pumps - single & multiple, in-line fixed and variable piston pumps and motors, in-line and radial motors.

As independent hydraulic specialists we are able to offer you honest advice on the best and most economical solutions. We have contacts with all the leading manufacturers including Parker, Dennison, Commercial, Kasapa, Vickers, Eaton & White.

Kingsley undertake work from all industries including tunnelling & mining, material handling, metal & waste recycling, fire & rescue equipment, municipal equipment, water processing - management and treatment, gas, electricity, telecommunications, packaging, food processing, construction, plant hire, airfield ground equipment, agriculture and many bespoke applications.

Inspection and repair process

Inspection is a key factor in determining the cause of premature failure in all hydraulic systems in order for repaired or replacement units to provide the longevity and serviceability our customers expect.

Generally the ingress of dirt particles into any hydraulic system will lead to premature failure, this is especially true of components with rotating parts such as pumps, valves and motors.

Contamination from poor filtration due to incorrect replacement filter specification or filter maintenance, which in many cases leads to filter collapse during service is a common symptom. Often the tank filters are overlooked and as the tank “breathes“ the rapid exchange of oil in the tank causes dirt particles to be drawn into the tank, this is especially common in hostile dusty working conditions. Another major cause of dirt particle ingress comes from topping up the hydraulic reservoir. The importance to eliminate any possibility of dirt entering at this stage is critical for unit longevity. Leaking cylinders or valves can also give rise to the possibility of dirt particles being carried into the system.

Many pump failures are due to cavitation which can be seen from the many units we inspect each year. This problem is often caused by inadequate oil supply, restriction of the supply, suction collapse or leaks in the system which result in air being drawn into the inlet of the pump.

Unless these problems are addressed the replacement unit will not give the required serviceability. Our expertise in identifying the cause of unit and system failure has helped our customers to deal with these problems in a practical way and enjoy the best service life from the components we supply.

Why choose Kingsley?

  • More than 25 years experience.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable staff.
  • Free independent advice.
  • Dedicated in-house test & verification facility.
  • In-house machine shop for bespoke component manufacture and modification.
  • All leading brands - Parker, Dennison, Commercial, Kasapa, Vickers, Eaton, White.
  • Strip, inspect, report, rebuild and test facility

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